What Makes Elysium Studios “The Pride of The West”?

I was talking with Madison, the woman doing the background art for My First Castellan, about our new slogan: “The Pride of the West” and she mentioned how cowboy and western it sounded. And I get that… that’s one image it invokes. However, I think Colorado embodies the New West and the pinnacle of everything it stands for.

Trinidad to Gender Neutral ID Cards

Colorado is iconic for a lot of trans women. This is the state where Dr. Stanley Biber had his practice which provided sex reassignment surgery until he retired. Dr. Marci Bowers picked up Dr. Biber’s practice after that point and ran it in Trinidad for many years until she moved her practice to California.

In fact, this year, the State of Colorado started issuing ID cards and driving licences with a gender neutral designation. Colorado is one of the few states where transgender peoples’ rights to be free from discrimination in matters concerning employment, housing, or public accommodation are guaranteed by law. These facts help to make Colorado an ideal place to establish our business.

The New West

Another part of being in the New West is about being able to tap into the creative talent here in Colorado. With 300+ days of sunshine (a fact I’ve never found appealing, but some people seem to enjoy it), Colorado is an attractive place to live and work. Not to mention, the incentives from the Colorado Film Office aren’t half bad.

Colorado isn’t just a flyover state. We have things that make people want to come to Colorado. From an airport that has captured the hearts and minds of the world’s conspiracy theorists to legalized marijuana, Colorado has so much.

And Elysium Studios is proud to add to that.

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