About Elysium Studios

Elysium Studios Cooperative, P.B.C. (which is the legal name of Elysium Studios) is a worker-owned “public benefit cooperative” based in Colorado focused on improving the field of new media. Currently, we’re on the start-up path and working on our first visual novel, My First Castellan. However, we are interested in improving the areas of journalism, blogging and podcasting, comics/graphic novels, and music.

What do you mean by “Pride of the West”?

An 1898 photochrom of a round-up in Cimarron, Colorado

It isn’t an idle boast. Elysium Studios aims to be a cooperative that is the pride of the West… the New West. The West evokes ideas of exploration into uncharted territory. The New West takes that spirit of exploration and new horizons and brings them into industries such as technology and media.

And nowhere is the New West better expressed than in Colorado. Colorado is a highly desirable place to make video games and launch other New Media projects, has anti-discrimination protections for LGBT Coloradans (and gender neutral IDs to boot!), along with arguably one of the best cooperative laws in the United States.

Elysium Studios is proud to be based in Colorado and we hope that Colorado is proud to have us here too. We aspire to be the Pride of the West.

What is Elysium?

Goethe’s Ankunft im Elysium

Elysium is a Greek myth about the afterlife. Essentially, Elysium (or the Elysian Fields) is a place those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life.

Elysium Studios is our crude attempt to manifest the Elysian Fields in the here and now. In fact, this mythology has not only inspired our name but our logo and branding.

… Wait, “cooperative”?

Yup, Elysium Studios is a worker-owned cooperative. That’s why we have a dot coop domain name and there are references to cooperatives sprinkled throughout the site.

There are large cooperatives all across this country. Land O’Lakes is a $12 billion club functioning all across America. There are rural electric co-ops in 47 states. Ace Hardware is a cooperative.

Kent Conrad

Yeah, I know what a cooperative is, but what’s a “public benefit cooperative”?

Yeah, Elysium Studios is incorporated in Colorado as a cooperative formed as a public benefit corporation. This allows us to pursue certification as a B-Corp and gives us a legal mandate to do good for the community, not just for our worker-owners.